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Because of the economical situation in Turkey we can provide the popular SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 1 Screening (BU/GU) for EUR 49.90 only instead of EUR 79.90. You can purchase it with the reduced price through the following link:

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SkyTest® Airline Interview book addresses the theoretical concept that guides every airline interview and offers a look "behind the scenes" of pilot and air traffic controller recruitment.

Turkish Airlines to accept cadets up to 30

ISTANBUL - Turkish Airlines still has some spots to fill in its 2019 ab initio flight training programme. While some restrictions apply, the airline will accept applications from potential cadets up to the age of 30 years.

Turkish Airlines is looking for future First Officers. The airline invites Turkish citizen or blue card holders with certain qualifications to apply for flight school enrollment by August 30th 2019. Admission is subject to a successful participation in an evaluation process that includes an English test, health check, CRM test, job interview and an DLR pilot aptitude screening.

We recommend SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 1 Screening to prepare for the aptitude tests - discounts are available on request. (2019/06/19, Image: Turkish Airlines)

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